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About Us

Our story, where we began and what we're all about...

Gemini Prestige and cherished vehicle movers was born as the result of an immensely protective car owner who wanted someone with the right equipment to safely move his pride & joy between workshops but also who would love and take care of the car as much as he does.


That overly protective owner is me, the car being a 1976 Triumph Stag that I remember sitting in the passenger seat coming home from the dealership for the first time with my dad in 1981. (He's the man polishing the wheels in the photo!)


My dad and I made some amazing memories in the Stag over the years, and when my father passed in late 2020 there was never any doubt I would do anything to keep the car in the family. Luckily there was no objection and the car needed to make the journey to her new home where restoration plans could begin.


This is where I started to get anxious, I would have to entrust someone to look after something I could never replace if anything were to happen. Sure I could get another Stag, but not one I know everything about, one I have a story for every little dink and scuff, one that is my lasting connection to my late father, his legacy. That is the value I knew was irreplaceable.


I needed to find someone with an appreciation of cars, who understood the emotional attachment as well as the financial investment. Someone who would make me feel like I was taking the car myself but had the knowledge to ensure it would be done right.

After speaking to other owners of classics, sports cars, performance cars, hypercars and everything else in between I realised I wasn’t alone, whether it’s a low value car that means the world, or a million pound one of a kind, all owners said the same thing. I want to hand over my car and not be anxious until I know it has arrived safely.


So here we are, Gemini Prestige and Cherished Vehicle Movers will treat your pride & joy like a family treasure and ensure it reaches your required destination exactly as when it left you, anything less and my Dad would never have approved!


1976 Triumph

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